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"I write to learn what I think." Didion

This quote describes me perfectly. 

Otherwise, I'm from Slovakia.  I came to live to the US in 1999. Writing is my passion, and although English is not my native language, I do all of my published writing in English. 

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  • Smoking and teenagers

    Smoking and teenagers

    8 years ago

    Everybody knows how dangerous smoking is. There is no controversy about the facts. Studies have confirmed and proven the link between smoking and cancer, pulmonary disease and chronic heart disease. Each year, smoking...

  • Home treatment of pinkeye and eye discharge

    Home treatment of pinkeye and eye discharge

    8 years ago

    Babies often get goopy eyes in the first few days or weeks of their lives. The most common eye discharge is caused by irritation due to the silver nitrate eye drops, given shortly after the baby's birth to protect...