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Working under a pseudonymn and through a midlife transition, Agnes Elmira draws from a variety of esoteric paths to be a Teacher and Healer of the Mystery. With a long history as a Priestess of the Goddess, Tarot Intuitive, Interpretive Modern Dancer & Choreographer, Fiber Artist and Patient Living with Chronic Illness, Agnes uses writing as an alchemical crucible for the feminine spirit, 12 Step recovery and medical treatment to recreate her life and advocate for other women and their men.

Some of Agnes’ eclectic paths include astrology, physics, world religion & mythology, women’s herstory and popular culture, just to name a few. She does love knitting, watching movies and reading goddess fantasy novels. Many brilliant ideas come from these places. In the modern world, it is appropriate to find a spiritual path through Netflix!

Preserving her anonymity is an essential and important element for Agnes’ path at this time, for many purposes which will revealed. For this reason, and despite the great benefit this will have to her ultimate artist’s vision, there will be no links to social networking sites at this time. Links to cool websites and other goodies will be added, though. Please keep reading and following her writing and, slowly over time, more or her life will become visible and connected. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, the beautiful colors of the wings will become a great and unimaginable woven tapestry of life and art and philosophy and spirit. Stay tuned!

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