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 Life can be a struggle and I am grateful for those people out there in the world, who took the time to write books, blogs, poems and shared their message of hope to others.  They inspired me and kept me hopeful. Dealing with anxiety and depression I found refuge in writing and reading motivational books which helped me cope.  Ever since I was a child I wrote in journals as an outlet which brings me to today.  My focus is about motivating and inspiring others and letting them know that they're not alone in any situation.  I've had my challenges in life, like so many and I hope to use those expereinces to help others through my writing, creative art, DIY and anyway I can.  I have some mental health background but I am not a licensed therapist therefore I am just going by my own findings, interest, books I've read, authors I like and things I have tried that have helped me.  I love finding those Aha moments which has brought me inspiration. My goal is to bring Aha moments to readers and help them learn about themselves and most importantly accept themselves which has been my challenge in life.   I feel we're all here on earth to help each others share our experiences to guide others and know that we all in this together. To help us BeyouBewildBeFree

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  • Inner Bully

    Inner Bully

    19 months ago

    We all have an inner bully who keeps us down but the goal is to choose to not believe in it. We have the power to defeat the bully and grow.

  • Everyday I Choose

    Everyday I Choose

    9 months ago

    Everyday we choose how to live. We choose to be ourselves, believe, be happy, and grateful. Our power is in our choices.

  • The Benefits of Breaking Bad Habits

    The Benefits of Breaking Bad Habits

    7 months ago

    If you think you have a bad habit or feel you have a bad habit and want to find ways to get control of your life. Here are my point of views & findings on how you can break free from bad habits.