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I'm a retired librarian living in Florida. My Allain Christmas pages are devoted to Christmas themes.

You'll also find me on Hubpages with other topics, under the name Virginia Allain.

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  • Make a Bleach Bottle Santa Face

    Make a Bleach Bottle Santa Face

    7 months ago

    My parents made dozens of these yarn Santa faces. The base is a bleach bottle but it turns out delightful. Everyone loves them. Here's how to make your own.

  • Hot Rod Christmas Cards

    Hot Rod Christmas Cards

    2 years ago

    Don't send a ho-hum Christmas card. You need a card that shows your interest, your passion for street rods or vintage autos. These are fun and Christmasy and all about cars.

  • Christmas Fairy Garden

    Christmas Fairy Garden

    6 days ago

    Fairy gardens are so much fun to create. Don't wait for summer, make one especially for Christmas. Here are tips for what to include in your Christmas themed fairy garden. A fun project for all ages.

  • Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

    Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

    18 months ago

    It's a sad Christmas if someone lacks gifts or food. When others see that and help them out, that sad holiday becomes a joyful one. A random act of kindness gladdens both the giver and the receiver.

  • Make a Victorian Fan Christmas Ornament

    Make a Victorian Fan Christmas Ornament

    7 months ago

    Make Victorian style ornaments for the Christmas tree. All you need is wide ribbon, scissors and a needle and thread.

  • Handsome Christmas Mailbox Swags

    Handsome Christmas Mailbox Swags

    7 months ago

    Your mailbox can be the prettiest one on the street with a seasonal greenery swag. The artificial ones last for years and even have cordless lights to brighten the scene. Lovely!

  • Mexican Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Mexican Christmas Tree Ornaments

    2 years ago

    Crepe paper flowers, sombreros and mariachi figures... it's a Mexican Christmas tree. Make your own ornaments or buy some that are ready to hang. Feliz Navidad!

  • Mail a Present without Crushing the Bow

    Mail a Present without Crushing the Bow

    18 months ago

    Mailing gifts gets frustrating if the pretty bows are crushed in the mail. Learn an easy, inexpensive way to protect the bows so your presents arrive as pretty as when you first wrapped them.

  • Florida Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Florida Christmas Tree Ornaments

    19 months ago

    Whether you live in Florida or just wish you did, you can treat yourself to a Florida-themed Christmas tree. Having lived in the Sunshine State for 10 years, I have some great ideas to make it special.

  • Gift Ideas for Florida Retirees

    Gift Ideas for Florida Retirees

    2 years ago

    Retirees flock to the warm winters in Florida. Need ideas for a retirement gift or family presents for someone living there or moving there? Here are tips from a Florida retiree for the last 10 years.

  • Christmas Window Posters

    Christmas Window Posters

    3 years ago

    These window posters are easy-up for Christmas and easy-to-store for next year. For a few dollars they add big impact when the lights shine through them. Seen from the sidewalk or street, they add a festive touch to...

  • Make a Pine Cone Pixie Ornament

    Make a Pine Cone Pixie Ornament

    19 months ago

    Using acorns and pine cones, make an easy pixie ornament for the Christmas tree. It's cute and oh, so simple.

  • African Christmas Ornaments

    African Christmas Ornaments

    7 months ago

    Decorate your tree with special ornaments from Africa. Celebrate the country of your ancestry or the entire continent. Add some African animals and some handmade ornaments. Delightfully unique.

  • Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

    3 years ago

    Angels don't have to be saved for just the top of the tree. If you love angels, like I do, then fill the whole tree with angel ornaments. Angel ornaments come in all materials and styles so you can specialize in one...

  • Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas

    Decorate a Golf Cart for Christmas

    18 months ago

    Add some Christmas touches to your golf cart for riding around the course or in your golf-cart-friendly community. Go all out with your decorating if you're going to be in the holiday parade.

  • Beach Christmas Cards

    Beach Christmas Cards

    7 months ago

    Whether you leave along the coast or just wish you did, you can tantalize your friends with these beach Christmas cards. Your cards will stand out from all the snow scenes that everyone else sends.

  • Decorate a Library Christmas Tree

    Decorate a Library Christmas Tree

    2 years ago

    You want your library's Christmas tree to evoke oohs and ahs. Perhaps you want a book related theme or local theme. Maybe you want it to raise funds or bring in donations. Here are ideas for you.

  • Make a Thrifty Christmas into a Merry Christmas

    Make a Thrifty Christmas into a Merry Christmas

    19 months ago

    Don't let lack of money mean an unhappy Christmas. There are many free and inexpensive ways to have a happy holiday for your family. Check out my tips for a thrifty and merry Christmas.

  • Find a Theme for a Christmas Tree

    Find a Theme for a Christmas Tree

    2 years ago

    Make your Christmas tree reflect your travels and places you've lived over the years. You can make or buy ornaments or bring them back as souvenirs. You'll have a tree that's unique to you!