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Adventure in learning and experience exciting new things, research, culture, style, to understand human nature and write about it! It's breath taking to have all this Technology at our fingertips, before now I could only write it down in a notebook, now I can share it with everyone.

My name is Amanda Cooper. I'm 49 years old, married to a wonderful man. I have 4 children and 8 grandchildren that I'm vary proud of, they are also my inspiration to many of my interests and hobbies

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  • The Style and Grace of Belly Dancing

    The Style and Grace of Belly Dancing

    13 months ago

    Belly Dancing isn't just good exercise it's an art, an expression of body language full of graceful movements. It is also a great way to release stress and improve your mood.

  • Self Knowledge

    Self Knowledge

    13 months ago

    It is said knowledge is power. I have found that to be true. The bible also says to seek knowledge. I also believe knowledge will set you free.