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The name is Amanda. I just turned 30 this year and believe me it is just not a number anymore. Age that is. I enjoy working out on the occasion, being outdoors, anything challenging that will make me feel accomplished. My dreams are one day travelling to blog along with using my future degree to help counsel people with substance abuse problems on the road or what not. I grew up with a dad ( sperm donor I call him) that was a major addict. He was an everyday alcoholic with usage of cocaine and any other drug he could get his hands on. My mom and him were never married but she gave it 9 years to stay with him for us kids. He would pee the bed because he was so intoxicated, he sold our vehicle for a gram of coke, he sold our dog for a gram of coke and so on. My mom for a while took us to school in a wagon. She is my hero today. Conquering all of her battles as a single parent.

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