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animals, the outdoors, reading/drawing/painting, witty insults, traveling, fluffy blankets, learning different languages, climbing trees, raviolis, going to the beach, NUTELLA, National Geographic, King of Queens, Italy, pendant necklaces, family, God. and much more.


Waking up early, walking behind slow people, cold coffee, bratty children, chemistry, sororities, cilantro, profanity, high heels, running, Harry Potter, banana flavored Laffy Taffy, sappy love songs. and much more. 

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  • Let's All Go to Prison!

    Let's All Go to Prison!

    4 years ago

    I can't stop watching Prison Break. The characters, the plot, Wentworth Miller...I'm hooked. It all started when my sister's boyfriend recommended we watch the show, and generously let us borrow the entire season on...

  • Yes. This IS a Hub about mouthwash.

    Yes. This IS a Hub about mouthwash.

    4 years ago

    If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a complainer. Maybe 75% of what comes out of my mouth is negative. So prepare to have your mellow harshed. My current annoyance can most definitely be described as a "first world...

  • Obesity in a Jar

    Obesity in a Jar

    20 months ago

    The struggles and temptations of owning a jar of the nectar of life.

  • When I Was Famous....

    When I Was Famous....

    4 years ago

    My social circle is relatively small...sometimes I think I'd be better off calling it my social dot. I have no one to blame but myself since I make virtually no effort to see people. I just don't have a strong need to...

  • Mary Higgins Clark-isms

    Mary Higgins Clark-isms

    4 years ago

    Let me just start by saying this: I love Mary Higgins Clark books. They're very entertaining. But I've noticed a lot of trends in all of the novels written by the "Queen of Suspense." For one, all of her...

  • The Perils of Being a Free Rider

    The Perils of Being a Free Rider

    4 years ago

    A new gym recently opened near my house. When I say near, I mean walking distance, which is most definitely a perk for a person (such as myself) who has yet to attain her driver's license. The timing could not have been...