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I am a southern baby boomer.  My home is in the west central part of Louisiana.  I was born here, and although we moved around as I grew up this is and always has been the home of my heart.  

Although I am southern to the core, the drawl will come and go depending on whom I am speaking with - however, the word ya'll is never abandoned.

I consider myself well-rounded, creative, optimistic and  professionally eclectic with  a fondness for investigation.  My interests are expansive, but my brain works like a butterfly in a field of flowers - endless possibilities - so little time.  Combine my natural inclinations with the fact that I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend - which all take preference to  my expansive interest,  I am not left with much time for my creative passions.


I have been writing - it seems forever - with dreams of completing a book on a number of works in progress.  Until that day comes, I write poems when I am inspired, journal when I get a chance, and jot down story ideas in spiral notebooks and on note pads as I run around in a zillion different directions.

Life is good, I am blessed, and I still have my mind...I am just not always sure where I have put it.  But I have faith that it will show up in an article from time to time.






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