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If you have landed on my page, I thank you and hope you stick around...then I hope you come back! But since I am new here, give me a little time to write some hubs ok? 

I am: a Canadian fashion loving female that treats her inner tomboy with full respect,  a lover of a book so great you stay up all night reading it, someone willing to get in the car to just drive - knowledge of destination unnecessary, a person with a bucket list with a lot of check marks and a lover of delight  found in everyday occurances that make a lasting impression.

I believe: the glass is definitely half full, one must always smile at strangers, holding doors for others is the law, kids are way smarter than adults, it's not chocolate or vanilla - it's both - with sprinkles - and a cherry, seniors are super fun, many times your mother is right (especially about eating those vegetables) and you must always stop to smell flowers.

And although it irks me, I promise to write in "American English" and not in "Canadian English" lest I get caught  by the grammar police.


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