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Hello, and welcome to my page!

My name is Diane Marie and I am a paralegal.

I love animals - I have a rabbit and hope to get a baby chihuahua soon.

My ultimate goal is to go to law school and become a criminal defense attorney.

I really enjoy writting hubs, and hope you enjoy reading them! :)

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  • Kendra Wilkinson: Playboy-Bio-Sex Tape

    Kendra Wilkinson: Playboy-Bio-Sex Tape

    3 years ago

    Kendra Wilkinson-Playboy celebrity, has changed a lot in the past few years, she got married, had a child, and started starring in her own reality shows. Ex released sex tape w/out her knowledge

  • The Marketing Environment

    The Marketing Environment

    6 years ago

    Marketing strategies are not determined unilaterally by any business, not even by marketers as experienced as Coca-Cola and Proctor & Gamble. Instead they are strongly influenced by powerful outside forces. Every...

  • The English Bulldog: Where They Came From

    The English Bulldog: Where They Came From

    7 years ago

    The English Bulldog came from ancient Masstiffs that originated in Asia, and were then bought to Europe. The Bulldog was bred in the 13th century for bull baiting. The Bulldog's short muzzle and wide lower jaw was...

  • The Fascinating Tui Bird

    The Fascinating Tui Bird

    6 years ago

    A beautiful Tui perching on a New Zealand flax TUI (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) Size: Male 32cm, female 29cm. Status: Common. Range: Throughout the main islands and many off-shore and outlying islands. Habitat: ...

  • Protecting Your Skin This Summer: Things To Look For

    Protecting Your Skin This Summer: Things To Look For

    6 years ago

    Should you have crow's feet at 25? Is a chocolate-chip-sized mole something to be worried about? The advice given in the following expert guide will tell you that, and what to do about it. Be sure to take the SKIN...

  • Things To Think About Before Buying A Rabbit

    Things To Think About Before Buying A Rabbit

    7 years ago

    Rabbits make wonderful pets. Every rabbit has a different personality, just like people do. You can enjoy teaching them and playing games with them. Yes rabbits can be trained. They can learn commands, games, and...