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Hello, fellow squidoo's and welcome to my little part of the Squidoo world. I am interested in the paranormal and all things weird, wonderful, strange, unusual and unexplained. With a little bit of the celeb world chucked in :) well who dose not want a little bit of gossip every now and again ;) I love to write and share things and squidoo is really good for this. This is why I love being apart of squidoo as it is so interesting and alot of fun :) I love animals, especially my poochie Marley, and our newest family member a Yellow Bellied Turtle called.... wait for it..... Mr T. I no, lame name but we got him as a 'can you have this turtle as I can not take him with me'. So christmas Eve 2011 Mr T moved in. I am really pleased now, I was not too sure at first but over the past 8mths or so we have become great friends :) I have got books, been online to learn all about yellow bellied turtles. I do think now that Mr T might actually be a Lady T as females get a little bigger than the males and Mr T is getting rather large which for me is even better as I was the only girl with my other half, his son when he comes over and the pooch :) My other interests are walking, reading and of course blogging. I am sure I could write more about me, but I can't think at the moment so I will up-date as time goes on. Hope to see you all visiting my lenes and please say Hi ;)

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