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College has been a wonderful experience for me, and I've learned much about myself and my talents. I worked for a writing center at the college I'm currently attending, and love helping students with their writing.

 I have changed my major a million times and am still clueless. Hubpages has inspired me to consider a writing career, we'll see how it goes. 

Somethings I love: stories, watching movies, playing computer games, backyard astronomy, writing, good conversation, debates, learning, knowledge, a good book, the night sky, a perfect day, family gatherings, good jokes, and life. My 3 "kids": a cat with superiority issues, a Corgi far too cute for anyone's own good, and my little girl, a Miniature Schnauzer. 


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  • Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores?

    Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores?

    6 years ago

    Dogs are confused. They don't understand the strange words humans have labeled them. They don't like the classifications people have placed them in, and they don't understand what all the fuss is about. To a dog, the...

  • Healthy Dog Food: Blue Buffalo vs Taste of the Wild

    Healthy Dog Food: Blue Buffalo vs Taste of the Wild

    6 years ago

    Sharing our beds, our vacations, and our hearts, dogs are more important than ever to the families that love them. Ensuring the best for these family members begins with their diets and providing premium food. Blue...