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The Artistic Life was started as a way to publish informative and handy arts related topics in a fun and easy to understand manner.  Sadly, the arts seem to not be as appreciated as they once were centureis ago yet art is all around us.  While only just beginning to grow on Hubpages, the author, Katie Linke, is making it her goal to provide information about the art world she lives in to the general public.  

About Katie Linke

An undergraduate in college at the Hartford Art School, she is interested in all forms of art and craft.  Ceramist, sculptor, painter, teacher, metal worker, knitter, reader, writer, runner, and animal lover.  She will graduate this coming May and earn her B.F.A. of Ceramics and minor in Art History.  Katie plans on furthering her education in graduate school and eventually produce work and teach at a university.

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  • The Art of Face and Body Painting

    The Art of Face and Body Painting

    5 years ago

    Whether you are new to face painting or an advanced painter, it's always good to start off on the right foot with the proper tools and equipment. I will walk you through from what you need to know from the actual face...