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Hi! I'm ArtSiren from England. I'm interested in art in all its forms: art, writing, literature, music, martial and healing arts. In fact, I'm interested in ANYTHING involving creativity, so even cookery, gardening and building websites get onto my list of interests!

Why SIREN? S = Self-employed, Salary, Savings I = Investments, Innovation, Ideas R = Residual income, Royalties E = Enterprise, Entrepreneurship N = Nicely, Naturally, Nastiness Not Necessary!

My recent background is science, specifically chemistry. But no longer, no more! I tried to ditch it as an impressionable 16-year-old, but was thwarted by my chemistry teacher, and my too easily-twisted 'rubber' arm! And spotting an exit in 1997, I somehow inexplicably was persuaded to keep on going! But I did escape in 2008, and have now installed Life 2.0. Onwards and Upwards! I hope you enjoy my lenses! Oh, and if you're not already on board and want to join in with the addictive fun that is Squidoo, you can do it very easily here.

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  • Lasagne al forno

    Lasagne al forno

    7 years ago

    Here's a wonderful recipe for lasagne al forno straight from Gordon Ramsay and his latest TV show Cookalong Live. Lasagne is one of the classic Italian pasta recipes, comprising three parts: a Bolognaise sauce, a...