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Art Speck is an experienced Video Guy and Social Videographer having worked for 30 years in the business. Being retired gives him time to enjoy his passion for all digital camcorders and mini camcorders and in particular he now writes camcorder reviews about every high definition digital video camera.

The year 2012 is HD Digital Camcorders Year, with every major manufacturer bringing out new, low cost HD mini camcorders and digital camcorders with an enormous amount of new technology which may be difficult understand, so it will be wise to read lots of articles such as you will find on his websites to explain the choices between features, brands, formats and all the other terms.

Read reviews of digital camcorders, over 250 in all, giving a full review of all HD digital camcorders available in 2012 in plain, simple to understand language, from Pocket Cams and mini camcorders, Family Camcorders, Consumer Camcorders, Prosumer Camcorders and Professional camcorders.

There is no one better to learn all about HD digital camcorders than from someone with a wealth of experience in the business such as Art Speck.

http://www.USCamcorderReviews.com andhttp://www.UKCamcorder Reviews.co.uk are his websites, specializing in reviews of every type of camcorder available to buy today, most offered at huge discounts.

Check out the page headers across the top and learn from the many articles about digital camcorders, check out which brand gives the best value for money, learn in detail what features may be available in each category of digital camcorders and learn about the different formats which you may have to consider when buying a digital video camera.

Price will obviously be a consideration, and the digital camcorders are grouped into price groups in an attempt to help you consider like for like. You may even be able to watch a Youtube video about any digital video camera on your short list.

I hope you can agree that all these features on these camcorder Review sites are of some value to you in your search through the many choices of  digital camcorders and the many new mini camcorders available to the budding Videographer.

Follow him on https://www.facebook.com/CamcorderReviews or Follow  on http://pinterest.com/artspeck/

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