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Hello it's Ashel Ladyhawke. Here it is already 2016. Damn, it's been a rollercoaster ride. I have seven grandchildren. Three of which I live with, and the other four live in South Carolina. I love to write poetry as I can express what is in my heart and/or mind. While some posts are very old, they are a reflection of what was in my mind at the time of the writing and not necessarily how I'm feeling now. May the Great Spirit keep you cradled in the arms of love.

Peace and blessings to you all.

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  • Days of Despair

    Days of Despair

    2 months ago

    I think the poem itself is self explanatory. Why must there....Be days like this...Just deep dark sorrow...Instead of bliss? Into the bottomless...Pit do I fall...Alone and scared...And oh so small.

  • The Sound of Beauty (Part 2)

    The Sound of Beauty (Part 2)

    2 months ago

    A more in dept look at the beauty that surrounds each of us in the circle of this that we call life. You gotta stop and smell the roses sometimes. Otherwise you're an empty shell.

  • The Sound of Beauty (part) 1

    The Sound of Beauty (part) 1

    2 months ago

    Back in the saddle and going strong. Hope you enjoy the quiet as much as I do. Leave me a comment. Thanks & Brightest Blessings.

  • Dying Friend

    Dying Friend

    2 months ago

    What do you do when Your best friend is dying And the pain you feel Keeps you from crying You know a part of you Will no longer be there The reality of which You can hardly bear What can...

  • What Happened To The House Full of Love

    What Happened To The House Full of Love

    2 months ago

    There once was a house full of love Nothing, it seemed, could break the bond. But somewhere along the way All the love fell between the cracks Leaving the house in total chaos. The ones who suffer...

  • If I Could Have Just One Day

    If I Could Have Just One Day

    2 months ago

    Miserable!!!! Can there ever be relief from the pain I feel of late? Why do I have to always have some thing wrong? Why can’t my equilibrium be steady, My fibromyalgia under control, My hearing be...

  • Prayer From The Soul

    Prayer From The Soul

    2 months ago

    Praying for peace within

  • Reflections of a Parent

    Reflections of a Parent

    2 months ago

    Watching my grandkids grow Right in front of my eyes Everyday a new experience Everything a new surprise It seems like only yesterday My kids were their size. Where does the time go Zooming...

  • Wisdom About Life

    Wisdom About Life

    2 months ago

    Lives are broken everyday By what we do or what we say And there is no going back to yesterday All we can do is ask for forgiveness. Lives are made richer by the moment By things that are given or money spent Buying...