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Writing to promote the positive aspects of my Afro Cuban cultural & religious traditional ways. Spreading awareness through sharing what is in my heart and mind. Inspired by the answers and explanations that I've had to give those curious about Santeria & Ifa. I explain ritual and the ideology behind these rituals in order to promote a better understanding of santeria & Ifa. 

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  • Spirits bring business

    Spirits bring business

    2 years ago

    Nourishing Spirits is a practice which is done in Santeria. One of the reasons is to attract clients to a business. People are influenced by the walking dead all the time, and not even notice it.

  • Successful Love Spells

    Successful Love Spells

    5 years ago

    The key to successful love spells involve 3 things. Is there just cause for the spell? Which divinity or divinities will be supporting the spell. The ingredients or DNA involved in working the spell. I personally do...

  • Love Spell Failure

    Love Spell Failure

    5 years ago

    "There are those that place their heart, where there is interest"; was the Odu of Ifa which was cast for Baba Sixto Ifaodara, on the day in which he asked Ifa, "Why, don't some love spells work?" ...

  • On the Odu Ofun Meji

    On the Odu Ofun Meji

    5 years ago

    Email from T; 07-05-2011 10:50 PM: I got a reading done and the odu ofun meji showed. I'm meant to be pregnant but all tests negative, I'm waiting for a blood test. I recently had a very troublesome breakup with a...

  • Lottery Picks with the IChing

    Lottery Picks with the IChing

    5 years ago

    Lets have fun with the I Ching is what came to mind when I received this message from a goddaughter one of these vary nights... _________________________________________________________________ July 2011 Calendar ...

  • Spiritually Cleansing Your Home

    Spiritually Cleansing Your Home

    2 years ago

    Spiritual ideological understanding as to why we should spiritual cleanse our homes, and recommendations as to how to perform this.

  • Pomba Gira Incantation

    Pomba Gira Incantation

    2 years ago

    Someone anonymously left this spanish incantation prayer or spell as a comment on two of my hubpage articles. It is a love spell, calling out to a divinity named Pomba Gira Maria Padiha. Now, this divinity is of the...

  • Becoming a Practitioner in Santeria

    Becoming a Practitioner in Santeria

    5 years ago

    Every so often, I get an email with the question "how can I get started in practicing Santeria." Most of the time the question is from someone which is not close to any of the major cities where orisha worship...

  • Why folks receive the hand of Ifa

    Why folks receive the hand of Ifa

    5 years ago

    The importance or great significance of receiving your hand of Ifa(sacred palm nuts) , or as more popularly put too receive a hand of Orunmila(divinity progenitor) . Takes us to the basic fundamental or root of why...

  • A Taste of Lucumi Proverbs

    A Taste of Lucumi Proverbs

    6 years ago

    Lucumi Ifa & Diloggun Odu's(oracles), are not only expressed in numeric & binary values from 0 to 16. But also by a saying or proverb. The proverb comes from one or more patakin within an oracle. Patakin is the...

  • The Holy Cross of Jesus Christ

    The Holy Cross of Jesus Christ

    4 years ago

    There is a prayer book which I am very fond of "Santa Cruz de Caravaca, Tesoro de Oraciones." Which means, "Holy cross of Caravaca, Treasury of Prayers." This book has a collection of prayers...

  • A Tower of Babel Interpretation

    A Tower of Babel Interpretation

    5 years ago

    What can we learn from the Tower of Babel story in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible? And, how can we apply its teachings in today's' society. I will just give four sayings which I believe express the thought, from...

  • Apples Bananas & Red Wine for Shango

    Apples Bananas & Red Wine for Shango

    5 years ago

    We children of Shango are categorized as being great eaters. A way to a mans heart is through his belly, is said. And, Shango as an Orisha is known to love food, and his children grow big bellies in time. And, if they...

  • Personality of Orishaoko

    Personality of Orishaoko

    4 years ago

    In the Oracle of Ifa Ogbe DI, there is a patakin of Orishaoko & Shango, which I believe expresses the character and personality of this particular Orisha. In this way, we can also attribute the same properties to...

  • Spiritual Healing Herbs & Baths

    Spiritual Healing Herbs & Baths

    3 years ago

    Through prayers, burning incense, lighting candles, placing food/libation to the forces we nourish them, and they are satisfied. When we satisfy forces, or energies around us, the negative ones are appeased, and leave...

  • How to Influence People using Spiritualism

    How to Influence People using Spiritualism

    5 years ago

    Spiritual Spell on Alter Love Spell Different Types of Spells Alter Spell Once an individual is on the path towards elevating spiritual consciousness through practice and devotion to what they believe in, there are...

  • The Yoruba Cosmic Egg

    The Yoruba Cosmic Egg

    5 years ago

    In my last article Spirtiualism-at-Home-The-Fundamental-Principle s-of-Santeria, I linked Santeria to Spiritualism as a form of self developing religious practice at home. The practice of Spiritualism(Espiritismo) is...

  • Spirtiualism at Home The Fundamental Principles of Santeria

    Spirtiualism at Home The Fundamental Principles of Santeria

    23 months ago

    An understanding to spiritualism, and connecting to the spiritual realm. How it can possibly it exist, and how it can work naturally for us.