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We are the last generation of humans on Earth!

There have been theists, atheists and agnostics for as long as we can remember. A theist believes that God exists. An atheist claims to know that God doesn't exist. And an agnostic argues that it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove the existence of God. What experiment can we run to prove God's presence?

Now we have the physicist. The physicist asks, "Does your hand exist because you believe in or know of its existence? If you refuse to believe, does your hand disappear?"

A genuine physicist does not believe in or try to prove the existence of THIS chair. A genuine physicist defines the word 'exist' and then uses the term consistently to explain a theory rationally to another human being.

Since the dawn of civilization, the philosophers and mathematicians have failed to understand the Scientific Method. As a result of the unwarranted emphasis on experiment and proof, the 'scientific' establishment has forgotten about the purpose of Science, which is to explain natural phenomena. The mainstream has arrived at and believes in the most amusing conclusions, which easily surpass in magic and irrationality those proposed by traditional religion by any measure:

* Light is BOTH a wave AND a stream of particles, an unimaginable mathematical concoction known as a wave-packet.

* An atom consists of one discrete particle orbiting another without cause or reason.

* Space is warped and that explains why Mercury doesn’t fly out of the Solar System.

* The Universe self-created from an explosion of nothing.

* Technology will enable Man to live forever.

There is a new paradigm emerging. It challenges the ridiculous explanations the mathematical establishment offers for how Mother Nature runs her shop. That's what the articles in this site are about.


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  • The Population Curve

    The Population Curve

    13 months ago

    Extinction is a Law of Life. All species become extinct. They follow the Population Curve.

  • Rolando Sarraff Trujillo - War of the Words

    Rolando Sarraff Trujillo - War of the Words

    12 months ago

    Of how PR-2 made contact with the CIA and Roly ended up in prison for 20 years.

  • Rolando Sarraff Trujillo

    Rolando Sarraff Trujillo

    5 weeks ago

    The real story of the spy the U.S. got in exchange for the remaining members of the Cuban Five

  • The Mathemagicians

    The Mathemagicians

    18 months ago

    The Mathemagicians have been in control of what they claim to be 'science' for over 400 years. They tell you what to believe, say and do.

  • Gluon and Quark Soup

    Gluon and Quark Soup

    5 weeks ago

    The Mathemagicians do their juggling with 0D 'particles' at the Quantum Circus. It's a bundle of laughs. They go through the motions of throwing and colliding inexistent balls and pins.

  • EPR and Entanglement

    EPR and Entanglement

    5 weeks ago

    EPR has been a thorn in the side of Quantum Mechanics since Einstein formulated the thought experiment in 1935. The Rope Model of Light and Gravity offers a rational physical interpretation to EPR.

  • Mohamed Atta's last words

    Mohamed Atta's last words

    2 months ago

    Mohamed' Atta's last words released on 9/11/12 through the FOIA should convince even the most recalcitrant skeptics that 9/11 was an inside job.

  • How did T-Rex become extinct?

    How did T-Rex become extinct?

    5 weeks ago

    The dinosaurs disappeared around 65 million years ago after ruling the planet for millions of years. The extinction of these formidable animals is a blueprint of what is about to happen to Man.

  • Quantum Has No Pull

    Quantum Has No Pull

    9 days ago

    The 'scientific' world is mortally sick. The LHC is the tip of the iceberg.

  • The Teacher Said It Was a Fact!

    The Teacher Said It Was a Fact!

    10 days ago

    Contemporary education is all about authority and celebrities. The successful student needs but a good memory.

  • Relativity's amusing Curved Light Theory

    Relativity's amusing Curved Light Theory

    3 weeks ago

    Is space curved? Can a beam of light be bent? We discover that the proposals of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are founded on a play of words. We first need to get our semantics straight.

  • Why can't you draw an atom?

    Why can't you draw an atom?

    3 weeks ago

    Quantum Mechanics provides no sizes or diameters for the particles of the Standard Model. The particle mathematicians accelerate 0D 'point' particles. This may explain why they can't draw an atom.

  • Economic Collapse: The end of Man

    Economic Collapse: The end of Man

    5 weeks ago

    The global economy is about to collapse and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Neither Intelligence nor Technology can solve the problem because Intelligence and Technology are the causes.

  • How Neanderthal disappeared

    How Neanderthal disappeared

    3 weeks ago

    Paleontology proposes that either Man or climate change caused the extinction of the Neanderthals. We argue that only intrinsic agents such as aging can explain the disappearance of a single species.

  • We are the last humans

    We are the last humans

    3 weeks ago

    A mass extinction is NOT the result of extraterrestrial agents, volcanism, nuclear war or disease. A mass extinction occurs when the ecological pyramid overturns.

  • The Big Bang never happened!

    The Big Bang never happened!

    3 weeks ago

    Was the Universe created by God or did it explode into existence all alone from a mathematical singularity? Science rejects Creation in all of its forms.

  • Why black holes don't exist

    Why black holes don't exist

    5 weeks ago

    Proponents confess that they have no idea what a black hole is. The experts have never defined the term. Here we propose a different explanation for phenomena attributed to black holes.

  • How gravity works

    How gravity works

    5 weeks ago

    General Relativity sweeps the troublesome Mach's Principle under the rug and has no explanation for the complex units of the gravitational constant G. On the other hand, the rope hypothesis justifies Mach's Principle...

  • Does gravity travel at the speed of light?

    Does gravity travel at the speed of light?

    3 weeks ago

    Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation is not about force. The gravity equation depicts a static scenario. Newton's equation has to do with weight and tension, both of which are conceptually static. Nevertheless, unlike...

  • How a magnet attracts another

    How a magnet attracts another

    3 weeks ago

    Quantum Mechanics proposes that the Universe is entirely made of particles. If so, Quantum is fatally flawed. It cannot explain how one particle attracts another one.

  • What does an atom look like?

    What does an atom look like?

    5 weeks ago

    Despite perpetual denials, the Quantum atom is Bohr's debunked planetary model. The EM Thread model of the atom offers a rational alternative that is consistent with the descriptions offered by theorists and images...

  • What Is Light?

    What Is Light?

    2 weeks ago

    Is light a wave? Does it consist of particles? Wave-packets? What if we assume, instead, that light has the configuration of a rope?

  • Why God Doesn't Exist - Concept

    Why God Doesn't Exist - Concept

    3 weeks ago

    Is God a physical object or an abstract concept? Until we decide which, we can’t even begin to ponder whether God exists.

  • 05 Do leprechauns exist?

    05 Do leprechauns exist?

    3 weeks ago


  • Dimensions 101 (for mathematicians only)

    Dimensions 101 (for mathematicians only)

    3 days ago

    Einstein's 4D universe cannot even be imagined. Therefore, however accurate the equations are is irrelevant. Spacetime is a mathematical concept. It has nothing at all to do with reality.

  • Debunking Al's length contraction

    Debunking Al's length contraction

    3 weeks ago

    Can a Doberman become a Chihuahua because it runs a little too fast? Those are the types of conclusions the mathematicians reach when they extrapolate their abstract equations to the real world.

  • A line is not the shortest distance between two points!

    A line is not the shortest distance between two points!

    5 weeks ago

    The mathematicians invoke the line to explain many natural phenomena. However, they claim that they can't define this elusive geometry.

  • Why God Doesn't Exist - Consistency

    Why God Doesn't Exist - Consistency

    3 weeks ago

    In the statement, “God exists”, the crucial word is not God, but the word exist. It is essential to define unambiguously those words that make or break a theory in order to use them consistently in a discussion.

  • Why God Doesn't Exist - Belief

    Why God Doesn't Exist - Belief

    5 weeks ago

    Whether God exists is not an issue to be resolved through belief or knowledge, but rather by defining the word exist.