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I am a 30 year old avid outdoorsman and nature enthusiast.  I moved to the wonderful state of Florida a few years ago and have been amazed with all the natural beauty and wonders the great state has to offer.  I grew up in the mid-west and spent a lot of time on the smaller lakes and rivers close to my home, but the vast ocean still takes my breath away every time I see them.  I left the midwest to join the military and I spent most of my adult life bouncing around to various military bases in the US and spending some time in the middle east.  As soon as I moved to Florida I fell in love with the wide open untamed ocean.  I am fortunate to be able to spend at least a few hours every day on or near the water.  I can typically be found kayaking, sailing or diving at a location near to my home.

I chose my username as sort of and inspiration of where I would like to be in 10-15 years.  I currently have a lot of experience on the water, but I dream to one day be a true blue water wanderer and see all this world has to offer in the far reaches of the globe--all via a sailboat.

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