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My full name is Bonita DePalma, I am married to Samuel DePalma, the Rabbi Opera Singer.  We are both singers but I have taken some time off from that for now. We both love the Lord, Sam is  a christian Jew from Santiago, Chile.  I am of German ancestory and a  farm girl from Woodland, California.  I have three sons and 5 grandchildren. Sam has one daughter.   We live in Oil City, PA.  Sam performs all over the world, he is a Verdi Bass.  He can be heard singing on You Tube, his resume is also on there.  I am a certified Iridologist, and Herbalist. I studied under the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, of  Escondido,CA,  and Carol Pruner of Reno, NV.  At the moment I am taking care of our 10 acres and house. I mow 8 acres of lawn every summer and all winter I bring in the wood for our wood burning furnace.  I also crochet when I sit, or I write on the computer. 

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    Goat Milk, The Miracle Food!

    4 years ago

    Many people have no idea what they are missing in the way of benefits for their health, when they have not taken advantage of using goat milk in their diet. Goat milk is high in Silica, one of the main elements that...