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Homeschooler, professional content producer, and work at home mom. My interests are Christianity, current events, education, scrapbooking, and more.

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  • Avoid Automobile Repossession:  Don't Fear the Repo

    Avoid Automobile Repossession: Don't Fear the Repo

    6 years ago

    It's late at night. I'm sitting at my computer, and I hear a large truck rumbling down the road. The hairs on the back of my head stand on end; will my car be repossessed? Will my worst fears be realized? Then I...

  • Nutrition and Second Child Syndrome

    Nutrition and Second Child Syndrome

    6 years ago

    One of the questions that many parents have is "should you space your babies close together, or should they be spaced farther apart?" Babies born closer together often have a closer sibling relationship than...

  • Miracles at Capernaum

    Miracles at Capernaum

    5 years ago

    Jesus spent a lot of his earthly ministry in one village: Capernaum. The Old Testament prophesied that he would spend much of his time there. He performed a lot of miracles in that area. Although the people saw great...

  • How to Avoid a Terrorist Attack

    How to Avoid a Terrorist Attack

    6 years ago

    We live in an uncertain world. While the United States has not been hit by a terrorist attack for quite a while, the threat still exists. Most of the time when a terrorist has tried to attack, we have been saved by...

  • The Weathermen

    The Weathermen

    5 years ago

    The Weathermen were a radical group of domestic terrorists that split from the Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s because they didn't believe in peaceful protest. Their name comes from a line in a Bob Dylan...

  • Gods of the Copybook Headings

    Gods of the Copybook Headings

    6 years ago

    Rudyard Kipling lived from 1865 to 1936. During his lifetime, he wrote several stories and poems, including Just So Stories and The Jungle Book. One poem that he wrote was "The Gods of the Copybook Headings"....

  • The Amazing Story of Frank Jenner

    The Amazing Story of Frank Jenner

    5 years ago

    I first heard the story of Frank Jenner a couple of years ago. All I remember initially was that there was a "little white haired man" down by the King's Cross area in Sydney, that told many people about...

  • Miscarriage


    6 years ago

    Miscarrying a baby is a painful experience. It is also one that you will never forget. I miscarried a baby several years ago, if my baby had lived, she would be almost eight years old today. Although the grief subsides...