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I like to research. Research i did, even when arduous. So i read many books, history, geography, rabbinic writings, talked to rabbis, learnt about the hebrew alphabet, josephus, tacitus etc.. Roman church history, and prayed, sought, begged for truth. Begged to know.. because i have trouble with lies, lies bother me and i wont follow a lie. Like somebody may want to sell me their gosh but i know better so i wont buy their gosh.
Point is, finally, that the accumulation of knowledge and experience have brought me to the conclusions about the jesus covenant and Gods' spirituality that I have come to formulate. Now can i expect others to have the same information background as myself? No. So someone will always not understand or get it or like it and they don't have too because like everyone else, I have a personal walk that pertains to me through and by my personal experience. Read and whatever :)

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