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BSTS is a wholly independent toy and hobby store based in the United Kingdom. On these pages we bring you guides to a wide range of toys and hobbies. We hope you find them useful!

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  • Aliens From The Planet Scardox

    Aliens From The Planet Scardox

    3 years ago

    Alien Eggs, or Aliens from the Planet Scardox to give them their full title, have been one of the oddest pocket money crazes to hit the United Kingdom ever. Around for a good few years, their popularity never seems to...

  • Pokemon - Christmas Gifts

    Pokemon - Christmas Gifts

    3 years ago

    OK, so you've asked the dreaded Christmas question and the answer that you've been given is 'Person X is into Pokemon in a big way'. So where to start on the hunt for a great Pokemon gift? If you don't know your Pikachu...

  • Complete List of Gogos Crazy Bones Names

    Complete List of Gogos Crazy Bones Names

    3 years ago

    Welcome to our Gogos Crazy Bones lists page. We regularly get asked for complete lists of names for Crazy Bones, so we've decided to bring you a page that has exactly that - the names of every single regular Gogos Crazy...

  • YuGiOh - Banned List

    YuGiOh - Banned List

    4 years ago

    Welcome to our information page, all about the YuGiOh! Banned List. Most YuGiOh! TCG tournaments are played according to the YuGiOh! Advanced Rules. Whilst you are allowed to play with up to 3 copies of virtually every...