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Of all the things I could have been,a doctor,an astronaut,a footballer.Why did I choose to become a writer? Oh yes, because I thought it was easy. I mean, how hard could it be to put ink to parchment? And if you are lucky you could make a fortune at it too.The biggest mistake of my life. Listen to me children, don't take my path, it's filled with woe, regret and loan sharks named No-fingers. Sooner or later you are driven to strong drink, and it gets harder and harder to hold a glass or bottle. Damn near impossible to type.

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  • Learning Slovene with Melania Trump

    Learning Slovene with Melania Trump

    7 months ago

    I learned nothing after a six month sojourn in Slovenia some ten years ago. Donald Trump may be a dolt, but what do we know about his wife? I returned to Slovenia to find out.

  • Biblical Night Crawlers

    Biblical Night Crawlers

    8 months ago

    Apart from murder, blasphemy, and occasional stealing- well actually quite a bit of stealing. The Bible is loaded with adulterous men and women. Here is a brief summation on a few I find interesting.