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I'm random and impulsive. I have no real focal point, but what I do have is an analytical mind. There is never a moment of the day that goes by when I am not questioning something or someone. My mind yearns for understanding and I will acquire it at all costs. We can take this journey together if you like or you can wait till I return to see what I brought you.

I wish I could tell you what to expect but I cannot. Just know that I went to private school in a foreign country and in america, but on the surface I'm just another tall black guy who many assume belongs on a basketball court. Using my brain to find ways to get a ball in a basket, but I promise I can do more.

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  • How to Win Every time at Ping Pong

    How to Win Every time at Ping Pong

    5 years ago

    Ping Pong or table tennis isn't on ESPN or used to avertise soft drinks, but it is hugely popular amongst college students and young adults. I will show you what it takes to be a champion, giving you all the tools you...