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"Life can change in a heart beat of time, in a hair's breadth of space - and without our consent"

I was born in Malawi, brought up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe - and now I live in New Zealand. Words are my passion - just everything about them. I write poetry and prose mostly, and anecdotal stuff about people and places and things that happen in my life - and hopefully I strike a chord somewhere along the line, and write stuff that people smile about, or think about  - or remember.

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  • The Pain

    The Pain

    2 months ago

    In my piece about loss and pain, I shared my own personal experience. These are words for a friend who recently lost his son.

  • Digesting Daniel : "Ergo"

    Digesting Daniel : "Ergo"

    17 months ago

    "Love you, Mum" said Daniel, popping his head around the door. "Love you too, my darling" I said, glancing up briefly, then looking back down at what I was busy with. "I love you more "...

  • Her Achilles

    Her Achilles

    5 months ago

    The walls were strong.She had been mindful and vigilant for so long, and with her Achilles locked away the weakness was powerless to hurt or betray. And though it kept her alone in her bed - heart undernourished and...

  • Jackie's Place

    Jackie's Place

    4 years ago

    Nestled in the heart of Shelly Beach - a small, rural, sea-side fishing village on the Kaipara Harbour, is Jackie's Place... and my favourite thing about Jackie's Place, is her courtyard... Under a vine entwined...

  • Digesting Daniel : An Introduction

    Digesting Daniel : An Introduction

    2 years ago

    Daniel is my 10 year old son and the youngest of my three children. His brother, Matthew, is 14; and Lucy, his sister, is 12. Daniel has always been a bit of a different thinker, wise beyond his years but with an...

  • The Blossom

    The Blossom

    4 years ago

    In the depths of my belly I knew you were there long before lineal colour declared. That miraculous moment you fused into life stirred a sentience somewhere deep inside. Cloistered and curled in the warmth of my womb I...

  • Misunderstood


    18 months ago

    Inspired by someone who let me see inside.

  • Loss and Pain

    Loss and Pain

    3 years ago

    A husband, my father, and a son; in that order. All three deaths were sudden and unexpected. And I dealt with each very differently... I was 24 when my husband died, we had been married a little over a year, and our...

  • Clouds of Who We Are

    Clouds of Who We Are

    18 months ago

    "Life can change in a heart beat of time, in a hair's breadth of space - and without our consent"

  • I'm Glad You Came

    I'm Glad You Came

    3 years ago

    Pigments of periwinkle, dew kissed, sparkling, and suddenly dancing, twinkling with enigmatic wonder Enchanting an irrepressible delight, awoken startled, disorientated Ascending in a swirl from deep within my...

  • You Are A Ballad

    You Are A Ballad

    5 months ago

    For the man I love.

  • African Sunrise

    African Sunrise

    3 years ago

    Gossimar shades of early dawn Whisper to the velvet night, "Your vigil is over, Time to let in light." With brushstrokes from the rising sun Sky begins to glow, Stars become translucent, ...

  • Chasing Seagulls

    Chasing Seagulls

    2 years ago

    Chasing Seagulls... Ryan taught me how. We'd go to the beach and I'd watch his face suffuse with glee as his gaze found focus, and fell on the ubiquitous, white quilts billowing out over the sand