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I come from a broken home...boohoo (who doesn't?) I was raised within a fractured family with more drama than a korean soap opera! My 'lil bro and me ended up being in the midst of it all and survival skills dictated that we had to learn quickly how to accept and understand our differences and that making humour out of an ugly situation is the key to maximizing our limited time here.

After graduating with a degree in Economics and Commerce I decided I was useless and had no practical skills whatsoever :0 so I decided to do a year earning a diploma in accounting... about halfway through I realized I was only fooling myself! I was drained and I did not have the energy to kiss some corporate ass and stomp on a shitload of other people just so that i could grasp my way to the top only to realize how lonely it is up at the summit.

My mamy passed away september of 2009, we were extremely close and I still think about her everyday. I truly believe her spirit was the one to give me the final push to finally live life in the moment, instead of worrying about the past and the future. With that realization i had to break up my 7 yr relationship! Yea...probably the hardest think I've ever had to do! After a year of mayhem with my, also newly single, oldest friend we decided to take a break from the Vancouver scene. And...snap..just like that we were gone! 

We're teaching English in Thailand in a quaint little town that has really become a home to me, despite the culture shock. This is a time I will never forget and I'm going to try and enjoy every moment of it!

I love to reflect on life's annoyances and to analyze relationships (romantic, friendly, familial or otherwise...) So basically this is just a place where I can put my thoughts down and if anyone wants to write to me about anything, I'm pretty good at breaking it down...but please this is not for the faint of heart, I have a reputation for being brutally honest!

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