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I love to write on a variety of topics such as pets, art, health, food and beauty. Thanks for visiting!

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      • Can't Pin from ToughNickel

        Can't Pin from ToughNickel

        7 months ago

        I've been getting the "Oops! Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam." message on Pinterest when trying to pin from ToughNickel. I only have one hub on that site, so I don't know if it's just...

      • What to do if hosting company won't remove stolen content?

        What to do if hosting company won't remove stolen content?

        7 months ago

        Some Turkish website has had my article on their site for months and I can't figure out how to get them to remove it. They've actually stolen this article 2 or 3 times before and used it on several different sites they...

      • Help with a stolen Hub

        Help with a stolen Hub

        2 years ago

        Someone posted my How to Draw a Still Life Composition Hub on their site, but I can't even tell what language it's in or where there's a place on their page to contact them. It looks like it might be a Wordpress page,...

      • Lawyer stole one of my Hubs

        Lawyer stole one of my Hubs

        3 years ago

        Some bankruptcy attorney stole one of my hubs and uses it on his business website. I sent two emails politely asking him to take it down and never got a response back. I did file a DMCA through Google and they said it...