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Thanks for stopping by to read about Dorothy and Mike McKenney, who were both born and raised in Arkansas.

Dorothy McKenney is a former long-time newspaper reporter and section editor, and still considers herself a reporter, but only of feature articles (no more corrupt politicians). She is also a trained researcher, priding herself on the ability to investigate and track down the most accurate information possible on whatever subject she is writing about. Her first love is writing gardening articles, and she was privileged to work for four years for a Master Gardener in Washington State until she passed away. Most of their time together was spent discussing better ways to raise the most beautiful flowers possible. Mrs. McKenney was also a police detective for a few years and wrote "The Trivia Ladder" available on Amazon.com

Mike McKenney is also a former police officer and a life-long photographer extraordinaire with an eye for photographs that most can't even begin to understand. Mike is the mastermind behind most of the beautiful photos that accompany the HubPages articles written by the couple. He also knows more about computers than most and is proficient in a number of photography programs, not the least of which is PhotoShop. His expertise includes (but is not limited to) landscape, macro and infrared photography, and he spent several years as a retoucher for a professional photographer.

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