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Catharine Leona Joy Minter Parks was born in Chatham Ontario to a Canadian mother and an American father. Her early childhood was spent in the church growing up under a strict upbringing but at an early age started to desire more. With an adventuresome spirit she would join her brother in escaping the house after bedtime and going downtown with him to dances, plays and the movies, to enjoy all the things that her religious parents denied her.

Spending her earlier years in Windsor and drawing for countless hours, Catharine creative by nature, passionate in design, an artist was born. Catharine sold her first art work in grade 5, chosen from the art museum where it hung on display, a cartoon caricature from the old comic strip, Lil' Abner.

Catharine's love of words started from early childhood when she would make up fictitious words and songs. She has been a songwriter since 1983. Entering a gospel songwriters/singer talent contest in Montreal, she ended having a finalist spot in 2005, but left Quebec to return to Ontario shortly after.

On January 25, 2007, she published her first devotional, A Glimpse of the Cross, on the Mustard Seed Ministries Site. Cliffhanger was published in Fate Magazine Nov. 2007

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  • Are Angels among us?

    Are Angels among us?

    15 months ago

    Angels are among us, they are sent to warn,help and guide us when we call on God. God sends his ministering angels when they are needed.

  • How to Tell if You Have Had An Eye Stroke

    How to Tell if You Have Had An Eye Stroke

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    An eye stroke is a stroke of the optic nerve, and strikes in one eye, and can progress to the other later. Any sudden changes in vision should be reported to an eye doctor immediately.

  • How to Defeat Depression

    How to Defeat Depression

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    Depression means that you have unresolved issues in your life, past regrets, and unfulfilled desires that were never dealt with. Deal with the source of your depression by seeking medical help to work on the issues that...

  • What makes a cat slap happy?

    What makes a cat slap happy?

    15 months ago

    There is no way you can train your cat to be slap happy. It is either in them or it is not. You can let them know when their behavior is unacceptable and discipline accordingly.

  • How to Deal with Evil Spirits in Your House

    How to Deal with Evil Spirits in Your House

    2 years ago

    When you enter someone's home, you can tell whether the occupants are peaceful and serene, or whether strife,discord and disharmony live there. If the later reigns, take authority over these spirits who are trespassing...