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My name is Chad Allen. I wear many hats (mostly because I have a receding hairline *ba-doom-psshhh*). I'm a college graduate, a son, a thinker, a brother, a fun-lover, an uncle, a friend, and an aspiring musician.

Although music is the love of my life, I've made a total of $10.52 in music sales in 5 years as opposed to probably $100,000 in retail sales over that period.

As music is my passion, that's what I'll be blogging about. As hip-hop is bigly my favorite genre, I'll mostly be blogging about the music and culture involved therein.

I may from time to time stray from hip-hop to politics, pop music, partying, or parenting just as a person with attention problems does. But don't worry, I'll come back. Please don't get mad :-).

Enjoy - Chad

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  • Hip-Hop: The Lifeblood of Sports

    Hip-Hop: The Lifeblood of Sports

    3 days ago

    Visit a gameday locker room, high school to professional, rural to urban, and you're guaranteed to hear music blasting. And more often than not, you'll hear hip-hop music.

  • Top 10 Rappers

    Top 10 Rappers

    4 days ago

    Every town has at least one or two rappers, and every city has at least one or two hundred. But rapping and being a good rapper are two different things. And killing it between interviews is another.

  • You Record Where?

    You Record Where?

    10 days ago

    Some musicians pay for studio time. A lucky few have their own studio. The rest of us record wherever we have available.

  • Selling Out: An Alternative Definition

    Selling Out: An Alternative Definition

    11 days ago

    Many believe that an artist changing their style to appeal to the masses is a grave mistake in the creative process. They call this "selling out". I offer a different definition of this term.