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So I thought I'd try my hand at writing.I've come to find that..."All the world really IS a stage"! So welcome to my act,hope you enjoy and..."remember...what the door mouse said"...









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      • Browse Hubbers

        Browse Hubbers

        3 years ago

        What happened to the browse hubbers feature?I cant find it anymore.Also,what happened to the hubbers hang out and the sand box?cant find those...and finally,what happened to my car keys?...cant find those either...Is it...

      •  flash player

        flash player

        4 years ago

        Hi guys.Here's a problem with  flash player I'm at a complete loss to solve.When I click play on videos it plays for four or five seconds then the screen[video only]goes green and everything freezes.Then I get a...

      • Please explain caches?

        Please explain caches?

        4 years ago

        Is browser history the same as cache?Are there other caches in my computer?If so,where are they and how do I empty them...or should I?Also,how do they effect performance?YES,your Right!I'm...

      • The nature of wisdom

        The nature of wisdom

        5 years ago

        What is the nature of wisdom?How do we know when we encounter it?Do we know if and when we have attained wisdom?Is seeking wisdom simply grasping at smoke?Remember the lyric from Kansas"And if I say that I'm a wise...

      • This is just a test?

        This is just a test?

        5 years ago

        Anyone else see the TV PSA about a national test of some sort to be aired on All TV and Radio stations on Nov 9Th?They Emphatically keep saying"This will be just a Test"over and over,then they say"Spread...

      • The Wall Street Pool

        The Wall Street Pool

        5 years ago

        Any bets on when Marshal Law will be declared in America?An over view of the trends from finance to executive orders to unexplained apparently unneeded infrastructure seems to suggest the willingness and ability by the...

      • Isaiah 45:5 and on...

        Isaiah 45:5 and on...

        5 years ago

        When God said I am a jealous God...Who or what would God be jealous of?

      • Hub hopping?

        Hub hopping?

        5 years ago

        I've been away for a bit so don't know if this has been asked but what happened to the hub hopping at the top of account page?I got nothing...

      • Capsule spell checker?

        Capsule spell checker?

        5 years ago

        What do I do when clicking on the icon for capsule spell checker and a window opens up that says"Toggle Spellcheck".I've killed my mouse clicking but the same thing keeps happening...and my browser spell...

      • Paul,and his thorn.

        Paul,and his thorn.

        5 years ago

        "Three times I asked the lord to remove this thorn from my flesh.The lord answered saying...My Grace is sufficient for you".What Was Paul's thorn in the Flesh?

      • When Jesus said...

        When Jesus said...

        5 years ago

        "The Prince of This world holds no Power over Me"Who was he referring to?Above any prince is a King soWho would that be?I'm sure this thread will degenerate into insults and character assassination as these...

      • The trinity

        The trinity

        5 years ago

        If Jesus was God,and God is God,wouldn't that be two gods?If the Holy spirit is added to the mix,wouldn't that be three Gods?If all three are aspects of the one God.was Jesus talking to himself when he prayed to the...

      • Why is God a"He"?

        Why is God a"He"?

        5 years ago

        I've never gotten an answer that explains why God is a"HE".I'm wondering if God choose to be a"He" and if so,Why?The bible says Gods a"HE"but doesn't tell us Why?Isn't being...

      • A question about firefox

        A question about firefox

        6 years ago

        I've installed Firefox and am slowly learning how to use it.So far I love it but I have two questions I can't find the answers too.I used the Favorites feature on IE 8 allot,Cant figure out where that is in...

      • IE 9?

        IE 9?

        6 years ago

        I just got an"Important update"notification for IE9,the Newest?version?Cant find any unbiased reviews.I'm running windows 7 home premium with IE8 and haven't had any problems.Can one of you savvy folks give an...

      • Screen saver

        Screen saver

        6 years ago

        I'm a beginner as most of my friends on HP already know,so this may be a simple thing.I found an hdmi port on the back of my computer.Out of curiosity I picked up a nine hundred series hdmi cable and plugged it into my...

      • Cooking and wine.

        Cooking and wine.

        6 years ago

        Anybody use wine cooking?If so what's your favorite.I use Cabernet...sometimes I even put it in my Food!

      • Are men and women equal in terms of worship?

        Are men and women equal in terms of worship?

        6 years ago

        The bible tells us that Jesus is the head of man and man is the head of woman.It also tells us that men should worship with there head[Jesus]uncovered.Women should worship with her head[man]covered.Dose this mean that...

      • The Bible.66 books or 27?

        The Bible.66 books or 27?

        6 years ago

        Two schools of Christian thought.In one corner those who believe the Old testament is a precursor to the new and represents one God.In the opposite corner,those who believe Christ came to awaken people to there...

      • Any long distance Sailors out there?

        Any long distance Sailors out there?

        7 years ago

        I single hand my sloop once a year to some amazing places off the beaten track.Just wondering if there are any other sailing fanatics on HP?There isn't a category for sailing so I posted here.

      • How many Hubbers do you Follow?

        How many Hubbers do you Follow?

        7 years ago

        Is there such a thing as following to many hubbers.Do you read all Hubbers you follow?

      • Any Christian Gnostic's out there?

        Any Christian Gnostic's out there?

        7 years ago

        Contrary to what some folks think I am not an Atheist.I'm a Christian Gnostic.Just wondering if there are any others on HP?

      • Pro-to orthodox Christianity today.What happened to the other groups?

        Pro-to orthodox Christianity today.What happened to the other groups?

        7 years ago

        In the first Century AD there were at least thirty varieties of Christianity.What did they believe and why are they not around today?Any one read "Lost Christianities" by Bart D Ehrman.I highly recommend it.

      • contest,Imagery.The prize is...

        contest,Imagery.The prize is...

        7 years ago

        Here is a very short plain snippet.I walked to the store this morning for a loaf of bread.on the way i chatted with(insert name).Returning home i saw a field.Now I'm having coffee.Please feel free to embellish,by all...

      • demeaning attacks on people instead of  topics,Why?

        demeaning attacks on people instead of topics,Why?

        7 years ago

        Look through posted topics and you will find certain "people" who relish attacking the author rather than there posted topic.We all know who the are.what do you think of these people who knowingly drive...

      • Drug adiction

        Drug adiction

        7 years ago

        Are people Emotionally disturbed so they turn to drugs                     ORdo people do drugs and become Emotionally disturbed?

      • if light sleepers sleep with the light on.how do hard sleepers sleep?

        if light sleepers sleep with the light on.how do hard sleepers sleep?

        7 years ago

        i personally am a hard sleeper and i can tell you that a hard sleeper is most comfortable if he sleeps on his back with the window open...