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I've written all my life. At the age of 8, I wrote a short story and won a prize narrating it. I was ecstatic. That win motivated me to write about everything. So I chose content writing as a profession and worked at it for almost 9 years. In those years I worked for large and small firms and with a variety of customers. I  learned how to work with a motley group of people in the workplace, who came from different countries and parts of India. In between, I also dabbled in soft skills training and school teaching, anchored for a children's quiz program and worked in a call center.

 I've majored in marketing management and history.

Becoming a mother in 2011 changed my perspective and priorities. I left my job in 2013 to spend time with my daughter. Today, my 5 year old daughter is my best friend. And I'm a freelance writer and editor. In the last couple of years, apart from gaining hands on experience in parenting, I've learnt about the benefits of being a healthy and fit mother. I've also spent hours in the kitchen making tasty and healthy baby food. But the most valuable lesson was learned while tackling fever and minor injuries. I had to teach myself to stay calm in front of my kid.

I take a keen interest in reading fiction, watching films, dancing and cooking And I love to travel with my family.

So my hubs will reflect my experiences and learning. And it will be enriched by the valuable insights received from you. So do comment on my hubs.

If you want me to write for you, mail me at chitrangada.m@gmail.com or post your need on my FB business page -- www.facebook.com/writeandeditchitrangada


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