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Christine Stuart

Joined 5 years ago from Accu-Health Clinic, Paradise Lane, Freshfields, England




I am interested in all of those things that can make us grow old young. All of my careers: Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Yoga, along with my interest in nutrition, squares the circle for me. If it's to do with well-ness whether Eastern, Western, old or new, then I'm interested. I can't see the point in throwing in the towel; shall we say, with exercise on a regular basis, while missing out on other obvious pieces of the health jig-saw puzzle. We need to have it all, and so that's where I'll begin.

For anybody wishing to know more about my work, academic background, membership affiliations etc., my web-site addresses are iwww.accu-health.co.uk.and www.alpha-hypnosis.co.uk

Thank you.

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