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Hello Hubbers and Visitors

Welcome to my corner of the Hubpage online community. I am happy you've come to check out my contributions to hubpages and I hope you enjoy your visit.


My Personal Information

I'm a proud father of three beautiful children two little girls and a son. I am also a very lucky man to be in love with and married to their beautiful mother. My family will always be the most important part of my life.


What I Write About on Hubpages:

I write mostly about the paranormal, survival articles, and other social topics. I love feedback so please leave me comments and I will try to respond within an articles comment thread (maybe not right away but if you check back I will probably respond unless of course you are rude or writing me hate mail). 


Personal Hubs of Note:

Learn How to Hypnotize Someone in 5 Seconds

Reading Palms Made Simple and Easy

The Time Travel Story of Hakan Nordkvist

Beware Those Who Fight Monsters, Demonic Possession


Shakespear Hamlet

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

If you are here to get rich you had better bring your (A) Game, you should be here to write about your passions. I didn't start on hubpages to become rich, that is unrealistic.


I write hubpage articles because I truely enjoy researching the subjects about which I write and I also love sharing that information from my own perspective with others. Write what you know, write how you feel, give multiple view-points and be unbiased. Be here to have fun, share in the community and maybe make some extra cash.

Thanks to my followers and to those I follow here on hubpages.

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