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  • Siberian Husky Names

    Siberian Husky Names

    7 years ago

     An A-Z list compiled of some of the most popular Siberian Husky names. A Alaska Allegro Alue Angel Anook Apache Apollo Artic Aspen Aurora Avalanche   B Balto Bandit Blaze Blizzard...

  • What I've Learned From My Bearded Dragon

    What I've Learned From My Bearded Dragon

    3 years ago

    I've currently owned Atticus, my citrus Bearded Dragon, for about a year now. I have decided to share my knowledge with others, those who don't realize what they are getting into when they buy a dragon. All photos...

  • Breaking Your Own Horse

    Breaking Your Own Horse

    7 years ago

    Please note that the following information is strictly from my own experience. I am not a professional trainer. I did however, break in my Tennessee Walking Horse mare using these steps.  First off, you want to build...

  • Building a DVD Shelf

    Building a DVD Shelf

    7 years ago

    The term "dvd shelf" is fairly self explanatory, which is a shelf where you can arrange and organize your dvds and cds on. In order to procure a dvd shelf, you have two options. You can either buy one, or build one...

  • How To Apply and Mix Stucco

    How To Apply and Mix Stucco

    7 years ago

    Stucco is a durable finish for exterior walls, usually composed of cement, sand, and lime, and applied while wet. One common use is stone casing a house. However, stucco can be used on interior walls as well, and is...

  • What Dog Breeds Have Blue Eyes?

    What Dog Breeds Have Blue Eyes?

    7 years ago

    The breed most known for blue eyes are Siberian Huskies. This is a gene that is unique to only a few breeds. Another commonly known breed to have blue eyes is the Australian Shepherd. This gene is independent of color,...

  • Colors of Siberian Huskies

    Colors of Siberian Huskies

    13 months ago

    Siberian Huskies come in shades of black, grey, and red, and in various color patterns.

  • The Differences Between a Siberian and a Quality Siberian

    The Differences Between a Siberian and a Quality Siberian

    13 months ago

    Some Siberians are show-quality and some are not. Both make wonderful pets! If you want to know the official show-quality breed standards for Siberians, read on.

  • The Siberian Husky

    The Siberian Husky

    7 years ago

         The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog. They have a thick double coat, called a plush coat. The top coat protects them from the elements, while the undercoat serves as insulation. The Siberian has a dignified...

  • Doublethink-1984


    7 years ago

     Doublethink                 Doublethink was first proposed in “1984” by George Orwell. Many people reading the book find this to be a very confusing issue. The first time I read the book I had to...

  • History of the Tennessee Walking Horse

    History of the Tennessee Walking Horse

    7 years ago

    Tennessee Walking Horses, a History      The Tennessee Walking Horse surfaced as a breed of its own in 1935, with the registry of Allen F1 (Also known as Black Allen), the foundation sire of the breed. It wasn’t...