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My mother introduced me to crafts at a very young age. She taught me knitting, sewing, crocheting, flower arrangement, painting, cake decorating, creating soap, candle making, paper folding and every holiday craft you could possibly make. To this day I still enjoying making crafts and now teach family members, friends, nieces and nephews.
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  • Whale Crafts For Kids

    Whale Crafts For Kids

    2 years ago

    Whales are those large aquatic animals that live in the water and breathe through a blowhole located on the top of their head. When whales decide to go to sleep, they close their blowhole as if they are holding their...

  • Mouse Crafts For Kids

    Mouse Crafts For Kids

    2 years ago

    f you are interested in making some cute mouse crafts then this article is the perfect place to start. There is a large assortment of mouse crafts ranging from simple foam crafts, to walnut mice, beaded safety pins,...