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Cristen Rodgers is a spiritual author and blogger.  For more information, visit cristenrodgers.net  

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  • America's Settling Point

    America's Settling Point

    3 months ago

  • Breath of Life

    Breath of Life

    6 months ago

    Just breathe. How many times have we heard that short statement said aloud or rehearsed it in our heads before a particularly taxing, frightening, or exciting experience? Just breathe. These two tiny words work almost...

  • Affirmations


    3 months ago

    Affirmations are short, powerful declarations of intent. These declarations serve as a kind of verbal mirror, reflecting back to us the potential that we cannot yet see within ourselves. As we speak the intent aloud, we...

  • The Spirit of Nature Walking

    The Spirit of Nature Walking

    16 months ago

    The natural world is full of spiritual symbolism. When we have the ears to hear, it whispers the truths that we have forgotten. When we have eyes to see, it illuminates the purpose that we have neglected. Within the...

  • The Benefits of Body Scanning

    The Benefits of Body Scanning

    16 months ago

    Our bodies are the vehicles of our souls; we must keep them in good working condition for our journey through life. They are our holy temple; housing our spiritual lightness and allowing us to express it in a physical...

  • Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

    Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

    7 months ago

    What is Meditation? Meditation is the process of clearing our minds of distraction so that we might integrate our consciousness, realize our connectedness, and embrace our completeness. In meditation, we cultivate...