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Cryptid is a mythical writer and intrepid explorer of the paranormal. Check out his articles on cryptozoology, UFOs, ghosts and other supernatural shenanigans. His high school guidance counselor said he'd never amount to anything, but here on HubPages he proves her wrong, one Hub at a time.  

All my life I’ve had an interest in the unexplained. As a kid, whenever a show about Bigfoot, ghosts or aliens appeared on television I was glued to the set. My dad was an amateur UFO researcher and a firm believer in the supernatural. From a young age I learned to question the mainstream version of reality, and wonder about what if.

That’s why I write here on HubPages. I’m just an ordinary person with an inquisitive mind. I try to approach subjects from a logical and open-minded perspective. On most topics I do not consider myself a believer or a skeptic. Instead of definitive answers I am searching for possibilities.

In other words, don’t take it all so seriously. My articles are intended to be entertaining (hopefully) and to make you think. There is plenty of room for debate and opinions on all sides, and civil discussion is always welcome in the comments section.

Here are a few of the topics you’ll find in my articles:

Bigfoot: Whether you believe Bigfoot is a species of North American Ape, an undiscovered human ancestor or just a myth, the fact remains that thousands of people have encountered a large, hairy, bipedal, ape-like creature in the woods and remote areas. With no definitive evidence, but plenty to suggest Bigfoot exists, this is truly one of the great mysterious of our time. What explains alleged Bigfoot sightings and the Sasquatch phenomenon, and are researchers getting closer to finding the truth?

The Megalodon Shark: I was writing about the Megalodon Shark before it was cool! I think the ocean is an amazing place, so mysterious and foreboding. Could the Megalodon Shark still be alive down there somewhere? It’s an interesting idea, and certain pseudo-documentaries have really stirred up a fascination with the shark over the past few years. But just as interesting is the real Megalodon, a prehistoric shark that really did exist.

Cryptozoology: Cryptozoology is the study of unknown, or “unseen” creatures. These are animals some people believe exist, but mainstream science cannot support. Bigfoot and the Megalodon Shark are both examples of cryptids, but there are many more. The Mapinguari, the Jersey Devil and El Chupacabra are some of the more famous. So, what are they? Cryptids may be rare creatures yet to be discovered by science, or they may be animals thought extinct now rediscovered. Or, they may just be cases of mistaken identity!

UFOs and Alien Life: Frankly, I am a little frustrated with the modern perception of aliens. There are so many shows that sensationalize the topic, and while it is great to bring the subject into the public eye, it does get a little silly sometimes. The reason this is so frustrating is because, of all of the paranormal entities out there, alien life forms are not only the most plausible, but almost certain to exist. Are UFOs visiting our planet? Who the heck knows, but, as the Drake Equation tells us, with billions of planets in our galaxy it seems statistically likely that alien life exists.

Ghosts and the Supernatural: What happens when we die? Do demons really exist? Is there another world besides the one we know? Ghost hunting has become a popular pastime over the last decade or so, but we are no closer to finding the answers. Still, these questions have persisted for thousands of years. People see ghosts, whatever they are. Is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, or might we really live on beyond the grave?

Paleontology: I don’t just write about weird stuff. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creature are pretty interesting, and we know they really existed! In fact, many cryptids are based on animals that once walked this planet. Whether they are still out there or not, their ancestors were like nothing we see on this Earth today. Paleontologists have awesome jobs, and literally get to dig into the past every day. At least I get to write about it a little!

Anthropology: We humans are quite interesting ourselves. The cultures, traditions and civilizations of the past have all led to where we sit today. We are the last human species left on this Earth, but there were many who came before us. Is it possible some are still around? Maybe, but even if they aren’t, the legacy of our ancestors and fellow humans is worth exploring.

I hope you find something you like in my articles below. Don’t forget to follow on social media for updates and new articles. (Check out the icons to the right over there.)


All of the articles on this site are protected under applicable copyright laws. In other words, it is NOT okay to copy any of them to your website without my permission. You can read them here on HubPages all you want though!

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