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CyberFreak is an electronics engineer with a crush on new technologies, IT, software and hardware.

Aside these, I am keen on various hobbies, including woodcarving, soapmaking. Expect to see a wide variety of hubs and themes, sometimes even family recipes - I am glad to have learned a few interesting dishes from my parents. which I would be proud of presenting here in the near future.

Feel free to check around my list of hubs and don't hesitate to contact me for any kind of question or support.

EDIT: Lately I am working on designing some Android apps. I have designed an application with a massive list of rock/hard rock/metal radio stations from allover the world - you really cannot find an app with more stations than mine. Other apps are also available in many Android markets.

In case you are interested on my apps portfolio, you can visit my developer page in Google Play:


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      • Replying to comments

        Replying to comments

        3 years ago

        Hello,I have been having problems replying successfully to comments on my hubs.Whenever I accept the submission of a comment and then it becomes visible, there is no reply button to reply directly to THAT comment. Many...

      • Recipes - How well do they work here?

        Recipes - How well do they work here?

        3 years ago

        I write mostly technology hubs, but I do have other interests as well, for example crafting, electronics and cooking.Lately I started writing some of the recipes I have from family, I have some which are totally mine...

      • Ebay and Amazon capsules only work with US version

        Ebay and Amazon capsules only work with US version

        4 years ago

        Hello fellow hubbers,I had decided to write an article to promote my own ebay product. Thing is the ebay capsule cannot find any results, even when I specify my seller ID, or if I search using the exact words I listed...

      • Weird and sudden drop in views

        Weird and sudden drop in views

        4 years ago

        Hello my fellow hubbers,I am a relatively new hubber who has not had much success; however, I keep writing useful (I think) guides and articles. Last 5 days I have seen a rather weird drop in views which cannot be...