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Hello and thank you for viewing my profile.

I'm a software engineer by day (and sometimes at night too) and a full-time father and husband. I pride myself of being technically inclined and socially aware.

I believe that I give away a little bit of myself in everything that I do, therefore I always try to give out my best in every endeavor.

Technology is always interesting to me and I like to write about them here at hubpages. I might also write about other topics occasionally so please do check out my hubs. Also, please don't hesitate to leave your comments as I do appreciate your feedback.

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  • C operators and expressions

    C operators and expressions

    6 years ago

    The C programming language provides a rich set of operators that you can use in manipulating data. Operators are symbols like "+" and "=" that are used in conjunction with variables and constants in order to create...

  • C data types, variables and constants

    C data types, variables and constants

    6 years ago

    Computer programs manipulate data in order to be useful. Data that can come external to the program, like data coming from the user or from a file or from a device (e.g. network). This is considered as "input" data,...