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 I am a medical student..taken up medicine as my career..but still can't forget nourishing my passion for writing..I am a  writer who writes for the reader .. an article close to the readers heart..

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  • Oh! Mirror!

    Oh! Mirror!

    4 hours ago

    Life is like a MIRROR ,what you do today will reflect in your tomorrow sooner or later. If you smile today , life will smile back to you. But if you intend to be malicious, your future is blurred too.

  • Grow Up Like Me

    Grow Up Like Me

    2 days ago

    The poem depicts the worth of hard work, perseverance, tolerance and self-restraint. As we let our own light shine we should enlighten others too. It is our duty to identify and cultivate our talents

  • What Darkness Speaks Of...

    What Darkness Speaks Of...

    5 days ago

    The poem depicts the colors of darkness. In order for the light to shine brightly , darkness must be present.

  • The Goodness of JESUS CHRIST

    The Goodness of JESUS CHRIST

    6 days ago

    Into His hands I commit my spirit and he redeems me.. i believe in HIM and he saves me..and now I belong to my father in heaven..lie under HIS wings..

  • Pretension


    9 days ago

    The most poisonous thing in this world is to cheat on one's 'own'..it is equivalent to cheating on our 'own future'.

  • Bring Peace

    Bring Peace

    10 days ago

    The poem inspires every individual to cut off every disrupting hand and discard all disorderly episodes and finally bring in peace....Having peace in our lives keeps our mind and soul healthy....

  • Torment


    30 hours ago

    Depression is like living in a living body whose mind is dead.It is like losing your mind.In that case hope is something which can fetch you peace. This poem deals with such inner cry.

  • I Was In A Dream..the Pleasure Of Being In a FANTASY WORLD

    I Was In A Dream..the Pleasure Of Being In a FANTASY WORLD

    12 days ago

    It is adventurous to live in the beauty of dreams..this poem depicts my imagination when I was in a dream.............

  • When I Found The Christ

    When I Found The Christ

    8 days ago

    The Christ is my answer.. his grace is my strength and we all shall be saved from the wrath through him..

  • Being Bold

    Being Bold

    2 days ago

    The poem illustrates the art of having bold, right attitude.. Positive, bold attitude creates more miracles than any other thing..because 90% of life is how you take it and not how you make it.

  • The Little Flower Girl

    The Little Flower Girl

    3 days ago

    It is the life story of a little flower girl and her struggle to gain freedom.

  • Life's Pathway Fickle - minded

    Life's Pathway Fickle - minded

    2 days ago

    This is an absolute inspirational poem which depicts how life is prone to change ....but it is our duty to console ourselves that happiness always follows sorrow

  • Eve of Stormy Rain

    Eve of Stormy Rain

    4 days ago

    The poem depicts the eve of stormy rain which is very much related to the course of our lives...