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As a Lifestyle Technology Expert, Debbie Cook specializes in writing about Consumer Electronics and Gadgets. Simply put, her theory is that devices that improve your lifestyle and keeps your patience intact, are a good fit. Your chosen device should conform to you and your needs, not the other way around.

Debbie reveals the gadgets that work for her and the ones that don't. At the moment fitness trackers have her attention as well as her Apple Watch (Fitness model).

Debbie is not always a "one device does it all" kind of girl. Sometimes it is preferable to use seperate devices to accomodate specific needs.

Debbie Cook is a freelance writer and a public speaker. Her articles currently posted online can be read on sites such as right here at Hubpages, gadgetell, Suite101, stylecareer.com and Livestrong (Demand Studios).

Disclosure: Debbie's tech gadget articles may lead to affiliate sales for which I recieve compensation.

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