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I am a 50 year old, mother of three grown children. I have a granddaughter who is two years old and one that is due in November.

I achieved my bachelor's degree in psychology in December, 2011 and will begin a Master's program this April.

Life is full of ups and downs. I feel like we all have the responsibility to share the wisdom we have gained as we travel through life.

Words and the manipulation of them, brings me great joy. To be able to express yourself in a way that others can relate to is very important to me; whether it be in an article or a song.

We are all on the Earth for a purpose; discovering those purposes is what makes life so exciting.

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      • help with amazon

        help with amazon

        5 years ago

        Can somebody please explain to me or send me the link to where it is explained (step by step) as to how we promote the amazon products?  Do I pick a product and then write a story that leads up to the...

      • Pinit? How does that work?

        Pinit? How does that work?

        5 years ago

        How do we sign up for and use pinit from here?

      • Need help understanding

        Need help understanding

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        how do I..?

        5 years ago

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