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Hi!  My name is Diana Pierce.  I’m Diana Lee here at Hub Pages and I am about to enter my fifth year.  I certainly have tried every niche I could think of to succeed.  Mostly of what I meant to get out of this experience was exposure. I knew there was little chance of me ever making a sizable profit from it.  I knew my work ethics weren’t strong enough to support such a notion as that.  After all, over these past five years I had not only kept a full time job and household intact, but I also attempted other writing projects that were a bit more demanding than this one. Still I stay here.  I don’t post content everyday here and I often go months without writing anything, but still I try. 

 Hub Pages is a place where every member is looking for something to keep them writing. For some it is the promise of money, but for most of us it is for feedback. Knowing someone somewhere is totally interested in what I have to say excites me. People from all around the world with all kinds of occupations and careers are here. There are highly talented people wanting to educate the world and make it a better place. There are certain goals we all wish to pursue one article, one poem, or one review at a time. Someday I hope to write something extraordinary. I hope to make a difference in the lives of others through my writing.  Maybe it won’t be today or tomorrow or years from now, but as I go into my golden years I shall try to keep a fresh idea stirring in my head, if it’s no more than what I think about a movie or TV show I watched or a book I read. My first love for writing started back when I was in six grade writing short western tales and poetry.  I never lost that love. I only lost the time and inspiration to keep it going.

 The hubs I write are about anything that strikes me. I write poetry. I write opinion pieces.  I write reviews.  I write short fiction and I write researched articles about whatever my interest happens to be at any given time. My hobbies vary as much as my writing.  I like arts and crafts. I enjoy bird watching and feeding stray cats which are by far not compatible together. I love dogs and have a spoiled Jack Russell/Chihuahua who is as unique as his pedigree, springy and unpredictable. I write about him, too. I write about family and I write about health issues.  I even write about food and share family recipes.  I write about grief and memorial poems. I write about writing. I write about wanting to write and write about what other writers have shared with me.




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