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I am currenty a Psychology major student at the University of Pheonix. I am extremely passionate about important topics that will have an everlasting place in my readers heart.

I was born and raised in Texas. I am the mother of four wonderful- yet, so different- children ages 12,11,10, & 7. Yes, they are almost stair-steps in their ages! I love life and life loves me- and so does my wrecking crew (my kids).

I am also a poet by nature and I have been writing poetry every since I was about 9 years old. I have had poetry featured in magizines and have had one converted into a song.

Hopefully all of my articles will always capture my readers minds and fill them with answers and awareness to some of life's most interesting and less talked about topics.

HAPPY READING! And I love y'all! (I am from Texas!)

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  • Life as a felon for 20 years!

    Life as a felon for 20 years!

    9 months ago

    Growing up, I never imagined living life as a felon. I had big dreams, expensive taste, extraordinary and exceptional future endeavors. Becoming an Interior Designer or an Architectural Designer, seem to be right at the...