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Hi, I'm Rena Murray, a professional dog behaviorist and dog trainer. I boldly dispell dog breed fictions and dog training falacies - as I expose the truth about your favorite dog breeds, the impact of what they were originally bred to do, their exercise and other requirements, and their dog instinctive behaviors.

I teach responsible dog ownership, effective and humane "dog whisper" communication, and what you need to do to become a confident Leader of the Pack who your dog can trust.

I grew up with a very sweet Brindle Pit Bull Dog ("true" Pit Bull) who was gentle with everyone and never displayed any dog aggression. 

I hate to see any dog breed get a bad rap because of irresponsible dog ownership, abusive "training," deleterious cross-breeding, or confusion with a half dozen or so similar-appearing dog breeds (some of whom DO tend to be nasty). 

For more dog breed information or help even in "red zone" cases, visit my website - Dog Behavior Modification | Dog Whisper | PawPersuasion  

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  • Dog Dominance Behavior

    Dog Dominance Behavior

    7 years ago

    What excatly is Dog Dominance Behavior? What are the symptoms of Dominance Behavior in Dogs? What do I do if my dog is being dominant? Is dominant behavior in a dog really such a big deal? All these questions and more...