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Peggy Atwood (aka "Domelady") is also a singer/songwriter and world traveler since she was born.  Her sense of adventure and wanderlust led her into cultures and experiences by the age of eighteen that many never see in a lifetime.  As a result, it was a natural extension to take on the construction of a futuristic-cum-ancient form of dome construction, the monolithic dome, after surviving two potentially fatal natural disasters in the form of a tornado and forest fire. While song writing and performing are still her main passion, her has embraced dome building with messianic zeal and enthusiasm. And, because of an upbringing in other cultures, she understood at a very young age that there is more harmonious way to survive and prosper on the face of this planet.

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    Heart Disease in Cats Cured

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    Report on Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy Healing and Treatment of Scamper, Domestic house cat July 1991 - December 3, 2001 Length of diagnosed illness: January 1998 - July 21, 1999 - DOD (Dec. 3, 2001) ...