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Hello everyone. Welcome to my Fitness blog. Here I will teach/show you different ways to get the body you want.

26 years old from Minneapolis. Personal Trainer and Business Relationship Manager at my gym.

I'm also a YouTuber. I make fitness and random videos.

Also note that I'm a huge gamer as well. I've worked and still work in the video game industry so some blogs/posts will be a variety from lifting to video games. I don't sugar coat anything when it comes to fitness. I'm around enough body builders and other people to know what works and what doesn't.. AND what to stay away from. 


I specify in:
- Losing Weight

- Muscle Mass

- Strength Training/Toning

- Endurance/General Fitness


General Overview:

Workout plans

Meal Plans



If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I do put together meal plans and work out plans for a reasonable price.

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