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Hobbyist.  My degree in theology spun me in my early retirement due to medical health issues, which coincide accordingly with a mental health struggle particularly for respect.  I'm very easily decieved and I believe everything everyone tells me, so I am a sucker!  Nevertheless, I have my impetus for getting up in the morning, and striving through my life. Sadly, the biggest fakes on the planet all work for law enforcement or are disabled veterans, but they all admit it after retirement, and they all come to terms with their own personal, if applicable, affection for dogs.

Since, I can't believe people, I serve dogs!  I am a Dog Minister, fully ordained.  I marry off dogs, counsel and hypnotize them, perform all manners of a Dog Ministry in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dog funerals, Celebrations of Dog Life Ceremonies, and of course dog marriage counseling.  Dog behavioral modification, dog sexual nearly-criminal deviancies, dog anger management, and dog self-esteem enabling align my top secret (to the dogs) dossier.  The dogs just know, Doctor Chloe, and that is that. 

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