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Come, relax with me. Curl up with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or if you prefer an icy cold brew or mixed drink. Kick off your shoes and read as I take your mind on an exploration of the workings of the processes of thought. Learn a little, interact with me by telling me your thoughts about your reading experience. Participate in the surveys and enjoy reading about real human experiences from the perspective of analytical thought. Rather than give it all away in one or two of my published papers, I lead you into doorways of possibilities where you may extract your own empirical and a priori experiences with observations and explorations that may change the way you interact with people.

Briefly, my background is an evolutionary product of three major career areas, each separate from the other with deliberate drives for success, thence all strewn into the melting pot of business. About a decade in advertising from yellow pages to international institutional sponsorships for college and professional athletic teams. Nearly a decade studying and working in the area of law from collections, legal secretary, apprenticing as lawyer, to trial assistant. Thence, another decade in psychology from cognitions, criminal psychological profiling, research and development, observations and reports on activities of interest to our USA in and of other countries.

Trained by the military, a civilian prepared in several areas to produce results based on a very broad description or set of particulars. Foreign culture study in Hebrew. Skills including language familiarity in over nine languages, plus American Sign and Braille.

Another consecutive decade in pastoral care counseling and incidental psychology working with couples, singles, and persons particularly men concerned with performance due to sexual criminal deviant behaviors.

Degrees in psychology, theology, and computer science.

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