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 I was born on a military ship in international waters in 1958. An only child of parents that were both only children, from a line of 'only children' in my genealogy.  Mother died giving birth to me, six months later after sailing on a vessel to transport my dead mother's body and getting me to the next country, where the vessel ported--with a broken heart, my father died.   One person, a navy lieutenant sworn in as officer was a lawyer, and my parents' best friend. He was also aboard the same ship.  

My parents had named him my Catholic birth sponsor, though I hardly knew him in my life. He swore out in testimony with notarized documentation, he was there and saw my mother give me birth. He also saw my mother die.  He suffered the loss of his friend, my father, who died about Christmastime.   

Mother was from Copenhagen Denmark, though she was Catholic and came from a line of Catholics, her great great grand mother was a Jewish woman who fell in love with a Catholic man.  My mother converted to Catholic before she married my father, a Catholic from Oslo Norway, who had a great, great, great, great, great grandfather from Italy. So, I was about a 90th this and a 90th that, but parentless not an orphan.   

The word on the ship was different, I was a ship's orphan.   A military brat, I was schleped around.   As an infant, it was easy to find families who wanted to keep me, but times changed.  Vikings and the life of Vikings were very different than the Americans and the Danish. I had royalty, Monarchy, Democracy, Socialism, and Dictatorship transferring energies for the lead in my life. There were families and there was war.   There were good intentions pervaded by discoloration of political threat.  No one was really bad, if I think about it based on their own cultural standards, and the war-torn times. 

A Swedish family tried to adopt me.  Be that as it may, it was all because they couldn't produce children of their own. The good Lord then blessed them with two live births in the early sixties!  They no longer longed to adopt children, the adoption and full custodial rights were relinquished.

The good old lawyer, my Catholic birth sponsor, Dominic D'Marco, showed up to save the day.  He  used money from some fund from my own wealthy, parents' deaths, and spared me from being a wayward child. I shipped in and out, educated by private tutors, which is not glamourous leaving the student alone, very alone.

A woman was hired to do the raising of me, but she was silenced from talking to me about my life, or to anyone else.  I traveled to Norway, Denmark, and many places giving up friend and lifestyles because life is as one nun told me, 'a letting go process.'   Travel is not always fun or good, especially military, and as I grew older rules and stipulations made the most arduous travel risky and limited.

My birth was recorded thirteen days after my birth on a ship at sea as an American by birth, papers recorded confidential in ports in the USA.   At six years old I donned kitted white gloves, white bobby socks, a navy blue suit, black patten leather shoes, and a little hat marching in a parade for the American Legion of the Untied States of America. Thus my life in the limelight of politics and military evolved.   There were other families and cultures white families that were genetically black or African American, Austrian, Northern European, Hebrew, Greek, German, Heinz 57, and French Canadian besides the Danish and Norwegian who all took part in raising me.  


As a child, I had no siblings, yet I had many, many siblings.  As strangers we met, evolved, shared emotional experiences, ideals, dreams, anger, disappointments, and the letting go process.     My own father had been a psychiatrist, my mother was in military intelligence.  

Nevertheless, the Catholic convent is to be accredited for sparing me a youthful life of detention centers and drug rehab, so common in the early seventies.

My education could have been counted in either basket, the blessing or the petition, at certain points. Not because I was deprived an education, but because I was censured one.  As a young girl, television, radio, and news was withheld from my life.  I was disallowed to watch the national or international news, if the planet was destroyed it was meant to be at any rate, so permitting me the knowledge of politics or religion from current events could do me no good.

As a very young girl, I learned to hunt, fish, garden, design clothing, cook, bake, and walk a runway, later after Dostoyevsky, I walked away from the runway into the business world. Twelve people reported to me working directly for me in my first business venture, and though I kept food on their tables and textbooks in the hands of their children,  I was far from the woman I intended to become.  I left that business at the age of twenty heading off for college where I was sure I would better prepare for my illustrious career.

Life finds most people in three separate lines of work by the age of retirement or post-retirement, statistically.  My three lines of work divided from advertising and marketing,  law, and psychology, but I could be overlooking spying,  head hunting,  writing, dog walking,  and numerous other strategical designs necessary to maneuver through the big picture called life.  I hold a master's and doctorate in psychology, research and development in social and experimental areas.  Criminal profiling, analyzing characters on and off stage as well as politically, an intense study in srxual criminal deviant behaviors, being part of locking up several people for life or desth penalties, and the confusing line of separating from being sensitive for families who have lost their children and family members to senseless criminal acts drove me to an esrly retirement, offering my expertise as a consultant only.

I've topped that off with a B.S. in Theology in Pastoral Counseling with the last book I published in 2009 on Meeting Objectives through Journaling.  I'm in the process of another book in the area of psychology. During those years, I worked from an area near White Sands on observations of the cartel in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. At the time there were eleven thousand dead bodies,  five thousand women,  as President Obama cut all funding stating that he was not going to declare an emergency regarding the Borders of Mexico.  Decapitated heads were lined up along the road of a family of five, every week someone would stand up in church crying over the deceased grandchild or child, but there was no state of emergency. 

I'm civilian trained by military to work for military or in civilian life.  I've cracked every rib in my ribcage at least once, taken a bullet through the organs, hit my head, banged up most parts, had over one hundred stitches to various parts of my body, won the single female senior citizen dance contest, saved at least five people's lives, rescued more than that in search and rescue, worked on missions in third world countries,  volunteered over sixteen thousand hours, bought my way through, talked my way through, fought my way through, and cried my way through life, but most of all I have laughed and danced.  I was never the stripper on the pole, but from ballet to ballroom, jazz ballet and a semi-professional small dance company just to keep my head on straight through all the insanity and propoganda.  

 I don't ask for it all to be easy.  I've been trained to shut up, everyone is classified somehow. I grew up with a complex believing I killed my mother, taking my life for the price of hers.  I got over it on someone like Freud's couch one day after I mourned putting my dog down.  I think about finding a partner in crime to go old with because people live longer when they have one another,  but don't know if I can actually be the partner,  I'm so set in my ways living alone. I don't care for drugs or I would have them and use them,  I just like drinking.   In fact, I haven't driven in years because I am legally blind, though I see quite well with a computer screen so I don't miss it. My next job will have to provide a car and driver, that's all.

 Okay, you have me all figured out, please continue to read my publications, and follow my productions.   Thank you for taking time to peruse my entry.  Chloe

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